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Support Letter Oct 07

By Chris Wren
Tuesday, 16 October 2007

 The fellowship we have had across many islands and the gifts shown by the three Discipleship Training School [DTS] groups has been very encouraging. The acting, singing and island dancing skills together with giving of testimonies, preaching and devotions has been surprising, especially with those so young. Five of us formed the core group with around five joining us for each of the three outreaches.

As 98% of Fijians are already Christian the spiritual problems are more to do with unity between churches, between villages, and the traditional ties with witchcraft that they often hang on to in parallel with Christianity. We have had responses to our appeals for volunteers to enter missionary work.

Practically we can test water and collect data on village needs to go back next year. As the owner of the yacht has a water well drilling company, he is ideally placed to provide new water supplies.

Childern on board

Whenever we invite Fijians on board they are amazed because, although they see many yachts in Fiji, they never get the opportunity.

The Village Feast

Village feast provided for us.

We spent the final days involved with the Impact World Tour which has been running for 6 weeks around Fiji. This is a mix of ebullient entertainment and Christian messages. Many of the contributions were from local islanders making it particularly relevant to Fijians. It is estimated that over 165,000 received the message with over 17,000 coming forward in response to altar calls!

As I have no income I told the group I was to join this year that although I was quite willing to work as a volunteer as usual, I would need all my expenses paid. I had a prior commitment to a Christian Trust in England which would mean flying back for a short period in July. However they replied: "together with Jeremy and myself and maybe a couple of others we could possibly come up with half of the fare. Lets continue to talk about it."

They booked a flight back but I only discovered a few days before that they had not paid for it. They said: ‘trust in the Lord for it’. I paid by credit card but only £50 has as yet been forthcoming. I am not at all used to stepping out in faith!

Please pray: -

In Christ,


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