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Support Letter Nov 03

By Chris Wren
Thursday, 13 November 2003

View of 'Genevieve Challenge' from barbecue beach on the uninhabited island of Arko

At the start of the season we saw many cancellations as has been common with tourism generally. This was worrying as our number of days sailing was about half that of last year. Donations for the year however were just as high as individuals were giving more, and as we have been spending far less this year, it did not create a problem.

It was only late in the season that we had a New Zealand deckhand called Andy join us. He was a godsend: one could not have wished for anyone more helpful. Just a pity we could not have had him from the beginning. With German Julia our extremely conscientious cook who had been with us since the beginning, we made a great team. He and the cook left about week after the last trip leaving me to work on the boat alone. Last year we had bad weather when a work group came in February, so we decided this year to concentrate on mid-October to the end of November, and mid-March to the end of April. Unfortunately there have been no volunteers as yet, but hopefully some will come forward for next March when Genevieve will have to come out of the water for antifouling and propellor work.

The season has been every bit as good as last year with lives changed on each trip. Although one can see changes taking place during the trip, it is only when people write afterwards that one fully appreciates what really went on. This is extremely encouraging and of course makes it all worthwhile. More than one person said that they nearly didn't come, couldn't believe how good it was, and thought what they might have missed! Others came, a little lost, with decisions to make, felt renewed, made them and felt ready to return and face the world. One highlight: we saw dolphins on every trip except the last one - but that had the best sailing. During some slack time we took some orphans from the Balkans on day trips. We also took some local people who said they had seen the boat many times but did not know what it was all about. So the slack time was a blessing in disguise.

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'Genevieve Challenge' is part of the Kingfisher Project, which is part of Torchbearers based in Capernwray. The handful of us at Kingfisher rely on personal financial support to exist, as we have no other income. At the moment I have only one person supporting me and so am a burden to the others. If you believe in what I am doing, and feel moved by the Spirit to help, please consider taking the opportunity to support me financially to continue working as a voluntary Christian skipper.

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