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Support Letter Mar 09

By Chris Wren
Saturday, 07 March 2009

The minister running the Shalom Christian Retreat Centre has decided definitely to move to be nearer her daughter, so this rules out any possible permanent support by me moving there. As I clear away 'baggage' ashore, I am more keen than ever to return to Christian sail-training. I feel there is nowhere better for personal development, team building, creating trust, overcoming fears, relieving stress or the healing ministry for all ages and backgrounds.

On the surface sail-training is seen as an active holiday, totally away from it all with sun, sea, sand, wind, waves, learning as much or as little as you like as a full member of the crew.(People don’t believe it when I ask them to steer!) But for permanent crew there is also work: maintenance, repairs, cleaning, preparing for trips, painting, overhauling, replacing worn or corroded parts and restocking provisions. Under the surface however, once guests unwind over the first three days, anything is possible! Sharing, building relationships and trust, the healing prayer ministry, succeeding in challenges and a new perspective on life. The stories, offloading burdens and relieving fears without apprehensiveness paves the way for discussing new personal futures and major decision making. Any miracle is possible for with God there are no limits!

Please pray: -

Blessings to all,

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