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Support Letter July 03

By Chris Wren
Friday, 04 July 2003

Trips have started round the [Northern] Sporades Islands with a German Christian group followed by a group of 'burnt out' all male missionaries from all over.

Our only deckhand has left leaving just the cook and I as permanent crew. She finds doing the 'Daily Checks' very interesting not to mention other non-cook works down various holes! We seem to have had a string of those thinking that the life of a deckhand is one long holiday rather than a proper job of working all day.

Half the fresh water tank liners are finally in [after one new one burst and had to be returned] along with improved piping and sight gauge. The new battery charger/inverter is great. New engine start and windlass batteries had to be bought as the old ones which we knew were failing finally collapsed. Meanwhile this resulted in an unscheduled anchoring in becalmed deep waters off a rocky lee shore, and weighing anchor by hand [and quite a lot of sweat] the next morning. The fresh water pump had to be replaced again, as did one of the outboard starter gearwheels also again. There has been no time to fit the watermaker regulator and a new Sestrel compass has arrived.

At least the break before the next group arrives has meant we are not too far behind with essential work.

Please pray that deckhands will appear, that bookings will improve and that no further equipment failures will occur. Pray particularly that the people who come forward to help on the boat have the right attitude of heart. That they come in servanthood to help others rather than themselves.

Most of all pray for the work of the Holy Spirit within the hearts of those that come aboard.

One of the problems with so much to worry about is that it is too easy to think that one cannot spend a lot of time quietly with the Lord. In the back of one's mind may be that:  "I should be getting on with this, or really should be doing that". Then of course one reads of someone who said: " I had so much to do, I had to spend a lot of time with the Lord".

Please pray for the wise use of time, as the Lord would wish.

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