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Support Letter Jan 05

By Chris Wren
Monday, 24 January 2005

Since I left 'Genevieve Challenge', a number of people wrote to me, outraged by the way I was treated. However, a long-term missionary friend said it was not unusual, in his experience, for those serving the Lord to be treated in such a way. I do not believe that the reasons given to me were the real reasons. It is human for people to react in certain ways, which I feel can best be explained by the following story: -

An elderly widow had been living alone for more than 25 years. She had become set in her ways and everything was arranged around her home the way she liked it. Everything had it's place perfected over years of experience. Her clothes were neatly stacked in her favourite chest of drawers, dresses hung in order in her wardrobe with summer ones on the left and winter on the right. Cleaning she did every Saturday with materials returned to exactly the same spot on the shelf after use. Food and crockery tidily stored so she never had to look for anything. In the bathroom the soap was always placed on the left of the washbasin. No one had ever visited so nothing was ever disturbed. It was perfect, she had complete control.

Then one day for the first time in decades she had a visitor. She was not used to catering for an extra person and found it difficult to remember to order an extra pint of milk from the milkman. The visitor, trying to be helpful, wiped the dishes but put her favourite yellow bone china mug back on the wrong side of the cupboard. One day after washing his hands, he put the soap back on the right side of the washbasin instead of the left! It was too much! She couldn't possibly cope with that! It had never changed in 25 years. Why should it change now? She just had to ask him to leave.

Please pray: -

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