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Support Letter Jan 04

By Chris Wren
Friday, 02 January 2004

At the end of the 2002 season I struggled in so many ways it felt a heavy burden. Then someone who had been a guest on board said that as 'Genevieve' had been such a success with the Lord's work, the Devil was bound to be on the attack. This seemed to fit the situation very well.

This year after having had almost no help with maintenance during November, I left Leptokarya to return to England. Unfortunately my train arrived in Athens late and I was unable to find a phone that worked to let my rendezvous know I was running late. By then there were no taxis available so I struggled on the Metro with my cases. I even had to change trains at a station that had its platform removed! By the time I found a solution to this I arrived 13/4 hours late.

I finally arrived in England on Saturday, took Sunday off to catch up with my bible reading, and left on Monday the 1st December to go on retreat. The retreat centre warns that frequently the Devil acts to try to prevent people attending. Unfortunately my car broke down on the motorway in heavy rain. Whilst I waited many hours for a recovery vehicle, I realised that my car always broke down when I was on the way to Christian events. I left my car at a garage to be repaired and borrowed a car to arrive at the retreat a day late. God really worked amazing wonders there. Then the car I borrowed broke down!
My car is still out of action a month later due to a faulty part being supplied. I am finding it very difficult to find a replacement car at the moment.

Please pray that: -

I would like to thank all those that support me in prayer. I feel this is of prime importance especially when matters are not going smoothly, for without prayer I can do nothing.

Happy New Year!

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