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Support Letter Jan 03

By Chris Wren
Wednesday, 08 January 2003

Since the end of a very successful summer season, I have been struggling. Trying to prepare ‘Genevieve Challenge’ for next year and organise UK property investments is proving very stressful. Do you ever find yourself in a position where everything seems to go wrong, everything seems more difficult than it should be and an uphill struggle? Have you felt as though you were cursed, or the devil is very much on the attack?


I have been reading about spiritually ‘transforming my mind’. This renewal certainly appears to apply to me, especially in regard to painful memories from the past. Please pray that I may grow in this way, so that I can be more effective in my work for the Lord.


The following comments from some of those who sailed aboard ‘Genevieve Challenge’ during 2002 are encouraging: -


“Thank you very much for the great time on board, for the patience while explaining knots, dutys and instructions again and again and for the fun and action with you on board! I really enjoyed the time on board Genevieve. It’s a beautiful sailing boat! It was a relaxing and refreshing time for my body, mind and soul. I hope, that I can come again within the next years!”


“I just wanted to say thank you for the best week of my summer – if not the whole year. The food was great, the sailing was really great. I am so excited about everything I have learned this week, and for being able to get to know all of you. Thanks also for helping me to try new and “scary” things and for your patience when I just “don’t want to do it” …………………………………………………………………………………………...”


“I have never experienced like this, it was the first trip with a boat like this and …………….. it was wonderful!!! I did a lot of thing that maybe I shall not do again. It was one of the better holidays that I spend in the last 5 years. I like this boat and this crew, Chris is very fun! Vasilis so good and patient with us! Lisa make the better that she can. Thanks of my heart ……… (but I think that we share very very much) Oh! Captain have not the fault. I realy enjoying it!!!!”


“It is the time for our trip to finish. When it started I thought that it would be great since I would have an experience I never had. Now that the trip is over, I couldn’t imagine that the things I have learnt were so spiritual. It was a great trip with a lot of lovely find that will stay in my mind as the best experience ever had. I will never forget the cruise and all the days individually.”


“The 5 days we spent on “Genevieve Challenge” were really a great experience. It was great fun and we learned a lot. It was a special trip and we are not going to forget it. It was so funny with Leighsa and her chicken soup, with Marita and her really good translation, with Chris and his clear orders (tigh off – or tie off?!? – everybody let the halyets go) and Vasili with his waveboard and his brave heart! We all thank you so much, don’t forget us, we won’t!”


“Thanks for the awesome, interesting, exciting, relaxing, fun/funny, great, challenging, extraordinary, dynamic, blessed, special, incredible, bonding, revitalising, captivating, strengthening, refreshing, adventurous, teasing, joyful, wet, sunny, jovial, motivating, jubilant, spiritual, life-changing, “duty-ful”, beautiful, enjoyable, restful, Greek, splendid, fantastic, phenomenal, enriching, “chessy”, “bruiseful”, recreational, “vasiliated”, unbelievable ……………………… TIME !!!”


“When I first saw the boat, I thought where is the bed? As it is my first time on a boat and not a ferry or cruiser. Wonderful time, great great sailing experience. You can trust that I’ll be back soon. Very good crew and great skipper. Thanks so much and all the best in your endeavours. God Bless you really good.”


“One of my ‘life’ questions to myself and others is: “When was the last time you did something for the first time?” Chris, Vasilios Martina taught me many things and I enjoyed a number of ‘firsts’. Thank you for your care, fellowship, safety. You are appreciated and I am very thankful. Love will win the world. Indeed it already has!”


“Once again a fantastic trip with new challenges to overcome. Lessons of leadership and life have been clearly seen and are valuable for the Journey of Life. As we worked as a team we achieved some great things. When we all pull together it’s amazing how each one of us gained a sense of Value and Worth as we fulfilled our tasks. Thanks.”


“A truly wonderful experience, from setting off at Skiathos on Sunday until our return it has been great. Highlights of the journey have been in seeing the natural beauty of the Greek islands. Skopolos is a great island much recommended. Friendships and Fellowship has been a great experience, I feel I have learnt a lot about people and bonded. Our ship duties have been great and brought out the best in team work. God is great, his presence is reflected in nature, in the things we see, in the people we meet, in the things we do. The Genevieve has helped me (shown me/reminded me) this life is an adventure to be enjoyed with all concerned.”


“The experience I have had on this wonderful boat will remain with me forever. It was a time where I learned about me, others and more of Gods characters. This has truely blessed me. The crew and cook have worked hard and I thank God for them. I hope in some way this experience has also touched them in a blessed way. Thank you all.”


“We really appreciated to stay here for almost 2 weeks. It was nice to have all these adventures: donuting, exploring caves, climbing up the mast and of course the storm! God worked in all of us, and we will pray that this ministry here will serve to other people as much as it did to us. Thank you Josh, Marita, Vasili (Bill) and Chris for everything.”


Requests: -


1.         Please pray for a cook, engineer/deckhand and deckhand. Please also pray for help for the winter maintenance during February and March [accommodation available on board].

2.         That you consider taking the opportunity to support me financially to continue working as a voluntary skipper.

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