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Support Letter Feb 07

By Chris Wren
Saturday, 24 February 2007

It has been taking a very long time to renovate and sell my investment properties. I decided some years ago to get out; however there have been many problems. One property has taken over 4 years to rebuild following arson because it is in such a poor area that no builder wants to work there and children constantly vandalise and steal.

I still intend to move to Wales when the properties are sold and support the Shalom Christian Retreat Centre there when not sailing.

Whilst I have been doing less sailing in the last two years, I have become more involved with campaigns against injustice, particularly those imprisoned for their beliefs.

In April I am going to New Zealand to take a 60-foot boat to Fiji to evangelise the islands from May to November. This is in connection with Youth With A Mission [YWAM]


Please pray: -

In Christ,


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