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Support Letter Aug 04

By Chris Wren
Wednesday, 04 August 2004

When I last wrote we had a couple on board who only married last year. Although they were both completely inexperienced, he was very keen to come as a deckhand and persuaded his wife to come as cook.

Unfortunately his wife was overwhelmed with everything and had great difficulty in coping. Although obviously not 'an achiever' or someone with great aspirations, I felt she must be with us for a reason and tried everything I could to help her fit in. This was difficult as she said she didn't like boats at all and didn't like cooking. Living aboard the boat on a slip made matters worse. Her husband made great efforts to persuade her to stay but after extensive discussions, she was determined to leave. This meant of course that very reluctantly he had to leave too.

Then from no crew at all a sudden response brought a cook and three deckhands! Never had we had such a crew - one was even very experienced!

I had a tremendous birthday with gifts from guests around the world. Quite overwhelming! If you are one of those who sent something: many thanks! The gifts kept coming for weeks afterwards.

Although trips and maintenance were going very well, unknown to me the crew made complaints about me to my boss. Although unable to state exactly what the complaints were, my boss felt that if I were closer to the Lord spiritually, I would sense the problems. As I was completely blind to such problems I could not begin to address them. To prevent such a good crew from leaving he felt his only option was to ask me to leave.

My concern was that I could not learn from the experience if I had no idea what the problem was. During my last week on board, I gave every opportunity for the crew to express their concerns but was met with silence! A strange situation I thought especially for such a mature crew.

Now back in England I wait on the Lord for the next direction my life should take.

Please pray: -

  1. That the Lord may reveal what has happened so that I may grow and learn something. 
  2. That those on board may be open about their concerns. 
  3. For the future of 'Genevieve Challenge' that the excellent Lord's work may continue for the benefit of the guests.
  4. That He may direct me in the way I should now go according to His will.

In Christ,


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