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Support Letter Apr 05

By Chris Wren
Friday, 22 April 2005


I am involved with the healing ministry ‘Wholeness Through Christ’, that offers Christian counselling at peaceful places throughout England and abroad. Widespread prayer in more than one country begins a month before, during the retreat, and for about a month afterwards for each location. Those attending take it in turns to receive ministry from 2 or 3 others in private groups, whilst the others pray in the main room. All those praying, wherever they may be, send any words of knowledge or pictures to the ministry groups. I believe it is the power of prayer that makes this the most effective of healing ministries with frequent miracles. Thanks be to God.

I used to joke how prayer was always the last thing I thought of, my last resort. I still forget this in spite of the encouraging experiences above. So I would like you to spare a moment to pray for Maurice Colclough and his boat project.

Maurice Colclough was a famous rugby player in the late 70s and early 80s with 24 caps. He partnered the England captain (Bill Beaumont) on the pitch, and helped his country win their first Grand Slam for years in 1980 (a great achievement even today). Maurice became a Christian a few years ago. He was diagnosed with brain cancer and had a tumour removed. They said it was malignant and that he had 1 year. God has extended his days and he has astounded the medical profession. He is in good spirits despite all this, however as his health fails he is anxious to initiate a God given vision. He knows he is on borrowed time...and wants to share his story with as many people as will listen...his vision is to start a yachting ministry in Wales using a beautiful boat that he owns and needs delivering from Morocco to Milford Haven.

Please pray: -

In Christ,



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