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Support Letter Apr 04

By Chris Wren
Monday, 26 April 2004

Many thanks to those who prayed that I find another car. I found one immediately after my last newsletter!

We are currently living on a slipway at Kiriaki near Volos! This is a tiny village in a very isolated spot: very peaceful as it is at the end of the road.

Most of the people who come to help prepare 'Genevieve Challenge' have no experience in any of the kinds of work we do. They have never used a screwdriver or paintbrush, spanner or drill, so it is quite amazing they accept the challenge of entering the totally unknown to help.

Some people's backgrounds can be quite different: one 18-year-old Texan girl who came to work in the camp kitchen said, "What, you mean I have to work all day!"

Our current help have done a lot of work but find it exhausting because they are not used to it. Scraping off barnacles, sanding and painting tax muscles never used before. They go to bed with their bodies aching all over. This afternoon they are all in bed!

Please pray: -

In Christ,

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