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Support Letter Apr 03

By Chris Wren
Sunday, 27 April 2003

Since my last support letter, work has been continuing at a better pace on ‘Genevieve’. However the weather has held up painting progress, and the new essential equipment ordered has yet to arrive. I bet it will all arrive at once! Luckily we have four more weeks because of a cancelled provisional booking for April. But maintenance eats into our crew training time however.


It has come to me that as usual I rely too much on myself and fail to trust enough in the Lord. So when I realise all the things that I had hoped to do this winter and have only completed  a small number, I find it very frustrating, depressing even. But is this because it is not the will of the Lord? Perhaps He has other plans I do not know about? It seemed that it would be so nice to have a boat in excellent condition as a witness to the world. Does not a vessel with gleaming paintwork and tidy well organised interior show that people care? On the other hand I have known good impressions come from boat breakdowns and difficult circumstances.


From my past experience, I find it difficult to ‘let go and let God’. So I have been overworking making my life unbalanced. I find it difficult to stand by whilst there is so much to do. Perhaps it needs discipline to limit my working hours per day, leaving the rest up to the Lord? This, even though it looks as though there may be no chance of completing the essential work this way?


Some of the more important work to pray about includes the delivery and installation of:

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