Letters from Captain Chris Wren
Letters written to those offering prayer support

Support Letter Mar 09

The minister running the Shalom Christian Retreat Centre has decided definitely to move to be nearer her daughter, so this rules out any possible permanent support by me moving there. As I clear away 'baggage' ashore, I am more keen than ever to return to Christian sail-training. I feel there is nowhere better for personal development, team building, creating trust, overcoming fears, relieving stress or the healing ministry for all ages and backgrounds. More...

Support Letter Oct 08

People often wonder what I do when not at sea running retreats or on outreach. One area close to my heart is those imprisoned unjustly [as I once was]. I am also greatly concerned for those persecuted just for being Christians, even tortured to death! More...

Support Letter Oct 07

The fellowship we have had across many islands and the gifts shown by the three Discipleship Training School [DTS] groups has been very encouraging. The acting, singing and island dancing skills together with giving of testimonies, preaching and devotions has been surprising, especially with those so young. Five of us formed the core group with around five joining us for each of the three outreaches. More...

Support Letter Jun 07

I wore a ‘sulu’ for the first time as the acceptable formal dress in a Fiji village! It would not seem so strange to me if they were the less formal bright and flowery overlapping ‘sulu’. That would seem more like the Pacific islander scenes that one sees from Hollywood. But the straight plain grey or dark blue, sometimes worn with a jacket and tie, seems too much like a women’s skirt! More...

Support Letter Feb 07

It has been taking a very long time to renovate and sell my investment properties. I decided some years ago to get out; however there have been many problems. One property has taken over 4 years to rebuild following arson because it is in such a poor area that no builder wants to work there and children constantly vandalise and steal. More...

Support Letter May 06

Four Sisters is now being run by Ocean Youth Trust Ireland for the Colclough family. Following a major refit, it is hoped to operate in the Irish Sea including West Wales in 2006. More...

Support Letter Sep 05

The Four Sisters Story - How a barely seaworthy boat was brought from South Africa to Wales to fulfil a dying man's wish for it to be used in Christian Sail-Training work. More...

Support Letter Apr 05

I am involved with the healing ministry ‘Wholeness Through Christ’, that offers Christian counselling at peaceful places throughout England and abroad. Widespread prayer in more than one country begins a month before, during the retreat, and for about a month afterwards for each location. More...

Support Letter Jan 05

Since I left 'Genevieve Challenge', a number of people wrote to me, outraged by the way I was treated. However, a long-term missionary friend said it was not unusual, in his experience, for those serving the Lord to be treated in such a way. More...

Support Letter Aug 04

When I last wrote we had a couple on board who only married last year. Although they were both completely inexperienced, he was very keen to come as a deckhand and persuaded his wife to come as cook. More...

Support Letter Apr 04

Many thanks to those who prayed that I find another car. I found one immediately after my last newsletter!

We are currently living on a slipway at Kiriaki near Volos! This is a tiny village in a very isolated spot: very peaceful as it is at the end of the road. More...

Support Letter Jan 04

At the end of the 2002 season I struggled in so many ways it felt a heavy burden. Then someone who had been a guest on board said that as 'Genevieve' had been such a success with the Lord's work, the Devil was bound to be on the attack. This seemed to fit the situation very well. More...

Support Letter Nov 03

At the start of the season we saw many cancellations as has been common with tourism generally. This was worrying as our number of days sailing was about half that of last year. More...

Support Letter July 03

Trips have started round the [Northern] Sporades Islands with a German Christian group followed by a group of 'burnt out' all male missionaries from all over. More...

Support Letter May 03

Currently on Genevieve we have a female cook and female deckhand, neither of whom is the strongest of hands. We have not found a strong [male] deckhand and our first trip is scheduled for 5.6.03. We need someone at least to November. Please pray for a solution to this problem and pass the message on to any Christian who might consider it.

Support Letter Apr 03

Since my last support letter, work has been continuing at a better pace on ‘Genevieve’. However the weather has held up painting progress and the new essential equipment ordered has yet to arrive. I bet it will all arrive at once! More...

Support Letter Mar 03

Since first arriving in May 2002 I had been building up a list of work for the winter. At the end of the summer, there was no funding available to carry out repairs and maintenance, and the trustees of the boat were not available for a meeting until January 2003. They granted the cost of parts and materials needed which left the task of finding volunteers to carry out the work. I estimated in the summer that we would need about 12 people for 6 months to do the work, and indeed, even when there are no major modifications or projects to complete, a full time maintenance team of at least four would be needed. More...

Support Letter Jan 03

Since the end of a very successful summer season, I have been struggling. Trying to prepare ‘Genevieve Challenge’ for next year and organise UK property investments is proving very stressful. Do you ever find yourself in a position where everything seems to go wrong, everything seems more difficult than it should be and an uphill struggle? More...

Support Letter Oct 02

I have suddenly realised that even though I do not visit grass skirt wearing African natives carrying a bible and wearing a topee, I am never-the-less a “missionary” and so should seek support to be effective in what I do! More...

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